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Feverish Toy Tapping – Is it Really Feverish?

Feverish Toy Tapping - Is it Really Feverish? - toy tap games
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Feverish Toy Tapping is simply a match-3 like video game that brings tons of levels to make your time exciting. For sure, the gameplay is simple but you will find it much challenging when you will make

advancement. The main aim is to tap on different toys and slide them across the board to match at least three identical ones. More toys will fall from the top of the screen and you have to make space for them by clearing the board. It all requires to be completed in a certain time limit and must accumulate points.

Moreover, you will find vibrant and colorful graphics that will charm your eyes and kept you focused. Toys animations and creation is very smooth that lets you fall in love with them. However, the background music is relaxing and controls are very responsive. Using one finger, you can tap on the toys as they fall and with a single tap, they will disappear.

As I made progress, the speed and number of falling toys increased asking me to tap effectively and rapidly on the screen. With a linear progression system, you can achieve various power-ups and bonuses.


Charming & Beautiful Artwork

Intuitive Controls

Free Access

Lightweight Video Game


In-app Purchases

Hours of Gameplay

Feverish Toy Tapping - Is it Really Feverish? - toy tap games

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